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Poems by jazzjess

If I Fall Asleep

The stars sparkle
Like burning lanterns in the distance
I sit and stare out into the opaqueness
Of the night
A cool breeze from above me
Clears my thoughts
I gaze at the ceiling overhead
My imagination runs wild
Dancing across the sky
The visions stop when
The sound of silence startles me suddenly
And I drift off to sleep.

What Songs Feel Like

a sweet melody is tantalizing my soul
my skin tingling with a mellow burn
and my eyes and lips filled with a deep love
each note kisses my fingertips
with nothing but kindness
playing on and on i daydream
of my ever-desiring and beating heart
of silver and periwinkle sunshine
being fulfilled by each word
that i'm absorbing in such an experience.

i can't even begin to explain
what this feels like to me
especially now
and most especially here.

Puzzle Piece

It is as easily said, through my lips of truth
as it is swept so passionately through my heart
that my missing puzzle piece has been found.
With each day of searching in these past years
more and more a statue is carved
of silver and sparkles - a truly divine appearance.
But much more important than how this piece simply appears
it's shape determines that it does in fact
belong here.
High and low I've looked
only now finding out what this piece should be.
A piece of soul-inspiring candy.
It should be the sweetest taste to my heart
and the most passionate kiss to my mind.
The rarest of rare finds.
Talents new to me
abilities to cease the most harsh weather on my back.
And a touch so gentle.
Lips with the ability to speak the most beautiful words.
Eyes of circular, carved sapphires.
This puzzle piece must be willing.
It must have the same desires and expectations as its perfect fit.
The need to love and be loved
the ability to work together,
to maintain a bond unlike any other two puzzle pieces.
I thank all the stars and the sun and moon
shining gloriously in the sky
for bring me such a miracle.
Not until I met you did I realize that true perfection
is completely possible.
That every detail of my ideal match
could be met in one beautiful person.
I wish more than anything that I can complete you
in the same way I feel you could complete me.
The candy to your soul and
the medicine for all of your pain.
I promise to give my all
in exchange for you
and all the things that you stand for.
For your beautiful mind and your brilliantly
colored soul.
My every dream would have come true
my biggest wish granted
if your piece of this puzzle of life
were to fit with mine
as I think that it would.

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Biographical sketch: In my almost 16 years, I've become quite fond of writing. I write poetry, personal
essays, and occasionally stories. I hope to one day write for a magazine.

jazzjess recommends:

100 Selected Poems by e. e. cummings

Reason: e.e. cummings has written a wide variety of poems which are both inspiring and

Recommendations for writers:

When writing poetry, I think it is most important to think about and consider what you are doing for yourself by writing it. Poetry should be for yourself, not for others.


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