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Poems by jaysonic

"David Bowie's not really THAT good," she said.
That was the year I started to fart when I peed.
Feeling disconnected (like a railcar in a field)

My car (eight years older than me)
Driven to nothing and brought back to life

Just like me. Me. JUST LIKE ME.

When do I get my new brain?

can't you hear me now?
every martyr you become
stales you in my mind
reinventing; recreating
your own personal history
changing nothing
changing everything
living life in a daydream
teenage dreaming (to be free)
kiss me please
all the soiled spots
you could never clean

something has gone wrong with me
a malfunction i can't repair
emotions not making sense
(stop making sense)
and i feel disconnected
someone come and solder me
make me whole again
i need to be newborn
reboot... start again
something takes hold
i feel i am ended
when you are near

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jaysonic recommends:

artaud anthology by antoinin artaud

Reason: artaud broke all the rules before most knew they existed

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throwing words at a page to make them stick... sort of like a spaghetti wall test


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