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Poems by Jassen Wishart


Thick brown hair
Coating such a small head

Tiny fingers
Small nails perfectly rounded

Please grasp my hand
Wrap those fingers round

Tiny button nose
Please breathe in

Ruby red lips
Please cry out

Why was my special wee man
Never allowed to see the sun
Never allowed to feel his mummies kiss
Never able to sit on daddies knee

If there is a god
Why did he take my wee man?
Why did this happen
Why was he never given a chance?

He will live on forever
In the hearts of the people who loved him
His mum, dad and grandparents
No one will ever answer

In memory of Ciaron James Wishart
Born Aug 16th 2000
Died Aug 15th 2000

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Biographical sketch: 27 Male, Scottish

Jassen Wishart recommends:

Voices from the bridge by Fountainbridge Writing Group
Reason: The book was self published by our group and has a lot of good poems in written by people I care a lot about

Recommendations for writers:

Be real. Show don't tell. and never let the ba****** get you down


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