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Poems by Jason Kauffman

"Summer Escape"

A whisper,
A splash. The silent
Circular waves
Gently crashed into each other,
Overlapping, passing through one another,
As if neither was an obstacle.
Graceful encapsulation.
Enter the bubbles
With a soft babble,
Quietly echoing into the night
A last plea, a lost chance,
Before silence covers all sounds once more.
Lost air returning to the sky,
Whispering a last good-bye.

"Aqueous Headstone"

A tree-top stoop, with a
Moon-lit view,
Beheld a mystical sight
Of resounding beauty
Many seconds down below.
A flowering form,
Stretching in all directions,
Reflecting reflected light
Up toward the stars
In perfect geometrical patterns,
Screamed in muted despair,
"Good-bye," before withering away.
A most blissful death

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Biographical sketch: 25 years old and from Manheim PA

Jason Kauffman recommends:

Authur Rimbaud: Complete Works by Paul Schmidt

Reason: It is a collection of Rimbaud's works, as well as, various letters he wrote. It is forward
and daring writing.

Recommendations for writers:

Being honest with yourself and your feelings, and being truthful in your words. Examine all possibilties, and leave all doors wide open. Experiment and challenge yourself


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