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Poems by Jamie Gambell

Islands of men

These Islands of men with hearts of steel
to the enemy surrender never will
From the Motherland to the highlands through
to the emerald Isle and the valleys too
These tiny Islands set in the sea
God's chosen place where all are free.


To swim the clear deep blue sea
to sit under a tall palm tree
To lie upon the golden sand
to walk the streets of sun-baked lands
none of these things could make me stray
from England on a summers day

To see the daffodials in spring
just to hear the song thrush sing
The mad March hares running round and round
The spring lambs trying to find their ground
The corn fields in the evening breeze
The humming of the humming bees

The ghost white clouds passing by
the sunset in the evening sky
Wild horses couldn't make me stray
From England on a summers day.

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Write what you feel and feel what you write.


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