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Poems by Jacki

Night Wind

There was a night wind and silence
Shadows on the lawn that fade
A whisper in the wind and nothing
Lightning in the sky, then shade.

There was a sweet life, then death
A memory of youth, then age
A seeking for truth, then lies
A hope for life, then rage.

There was a night wind and silence
as man turned to God and sighed
There was a prayer, redemption
and then a world that died.


I am a swallow, a softly soaring thing,
and in the dawn, you can hear me sing.
I am the morn, rising rosy in the east,
I am the creeping, sweeping, mighty beast.

I am the past, the earthly morn and night,
I knew infinity and the creator of light.
I am the wind, scouring the earth,
weeping and wailing over the birth
of the son and the wonder of ages.
I have sat at the feet of wise men and sages.

I am the spirit of all that has been,
as I am the mirror of all that is seen.
I have seen heaven and I have seen hell,
I was Lucifer, before I fell.

I Look At Myself In The Mirror

I look at myself in the mirror,
and what do I really see?
A woman of forty-seven,
or the true essence of me?

I can see me in my twenties,
the mother of children galore,
and there is me in my thirties,
scarred by the loss that I bore.

And there is me in my forties,
older now, tolerant and wise
marked by love and affection,
and bags under my eyes.

So yes that's me in the mirror,
me, as the person I am,
and if I'm no more than an image,
none of it matters a dam!

My Mother

I truth be found, my mother knows,
for she is fair and wise,
that truth is in the heart of man
and not in blinkered eyes.

For eyes that look and do not see,
my mother says with scorn,
are just as lost and blind today,
as the moment they were born.

Joy and peace are found within,
my mother says with grace,
and this is truth, for I myself
have seen it in her face.


Yesterday I was a child, and tomorrow I will be old,
but today I held children to my breast, took lovers
to my bed, was fearful and at the same time brave.
I loved and was loved, judged, took pity and was pitied,
felt travail and pain, and sheer unadulterated joy.
I felt the wind in my hair and the touch of wind on
my skin, knew life and sorrowed at death.
I learnt to be a woman, but never forgot what it was
like to be a child, I listened and was listened to.
I traveled the world and stayed at home, I looked
into the soul of others and bared my own soul to friends.
I learnt to give, but was never ashamed to take,
to share my wealth and never bewail my poverty.
I struggled to make ends meet, but gloried in the joy
of motherhood, watching babies grow to men,
take wives and produce babies of their own.
I have worked hard and played hard, invigorated by
health and the means to live my life as I wished.
I have walked miles of heath and hill and let the peace
of nature rest in my soul, picked bluebells and
danced with flowers in my hair and joy in my heart.
Yesterday I knew nothing of life, and tomorrow I will
have no memory of youth, but today I have life,
and hope in my heart, and freedom and peace.

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Biographical sketch: I have been writing poems and short stories for years. I am a single parent of 4 grown children, work full time and have recently completed an Honours Degree in History and History of Ideas (getting a 2.1).

Jacki recommends:

Ode To Autumn by John Keats
Reason: I love Ode To Autumn because Keats' use of words conveys (even after all this time) the sense and sound of the outdoors in Autumn and that Autumn, the approaching end of a life cycle, has the same beauty and power as the beginning.

Recommendations for writers:

The reality of emotion and honesty of language.

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