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Poems by in_despair

Never Enough

Angry voices, enraged by fear, tear through the walls. Accusations, too many assumptions, the desire to
pry too deep. Is temptation luring too close to the edge?
Begging me to jump? NO... remain calm- tiny seconds, simple minutes, harmless hours
maintain this smile, keep this heart pumping madly, intrigue this mind to know.

So Far Away

Nobody needs
somebody like me,
Left alone is better
left to be
But I don't know
well enough to tell
to breathe
I remember you like
lightning in my heart
Is yesterday too far
Is summer really gone?
The mountains in the
distance, are the only
things that listen...
love is so far away
The angels up in Heaven
don't care to remember
me, love is my enemy,
God won't answer me,
and love is so far away


I try to wait, I hold my horses for as long as I can.
But this emptiness shatters me into sand. I can't continue pacing floors and eating up my fingernails. He
grows impatient as a child wondering where I am, when I should see the whites of his eyes - I cannot. This
worries me in solitude and forces me to change my clothes a thousand times.


It is late now and I lift
my face from this pillow of
sorrow. My eyelashes are
drenched with lonliness and
fear and I often wonder:
where will I go from here?
Sleep is hanging from my
every blink, trying to
catch me and seal up what I
think. But I refuse, yes,
I refuse to fall- for eight
hours of peace won't be
enough for me. Why does it
sometimes seem that the
empty will never cease?
That the tears will never
stop the pain, when they

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Biographical sketch: Rhonda, 20 Years old. Loves music. Female, still living at home.

in_despair recommends:

A Night Without Armor by Jewel Kilcher

Reason: A complete collection of honest poetry, nothing held back.

Recommendations for writers:

Absolutely nothing, let the poetry come to you. Whatever you feel or think, you write.


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