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Beautiful Woman

Woman there,
.. a few dozen strides over open grass
Who are you, to stir me like you do?

But a moments hike in physical reality
also a million miles down a different path,
your path.

Your path; my own now crossing;
where have you been and where are you going?
Simple little junction, inextricably complicated,
and not untangled after a thousand tries;
Forbids an out-of-the-way greeting, and
the small stretch of open grass, no less an ocean.

You, sitting there woman, a million miles over grass so close,
I wonder if you’d allow me a question not spoken...
Would you have liked me?
Do you think I would have liked you?
.. Beautiful Woman

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Biographical sketch: I am a geologist and Naturalist, living and working in Kentucky. I am 38 years old, divorced, and I have one child.

Imezra recommends:

Complete poetical works of William Wordsworth by William Wordsworth

Reason: Wordsworths work means a lot of diffrent things to everybody, but for me his poetry is a
celebration of life -

Recommendations for writers:

All poetry is good because it represents the thoughts of the person who is writing - and therefore, no poem can be bad (in my opinion). Being able to write poetry that other people think is good required not only a long period (years) of practice in writing, but a long period of practice in meditation; meditation in order to tap our deepest inner resources.


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