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Poems by ldyinred

Dedicated to Leo, my best friend...

"Tough Love"
I kept running away,
But you held me back,
Promising security,
Changing the past.

I'll never do it again; "You said,
I love you with all my heart,
You're the woman in my life,
For the children, give me another chance.

Beaten black and blue,
Love doesn't mean security,
Broken frame or bones,
Kisses aren't contracts.

Tears streaming down my face,
This pain inside me don't seem to cope,
Prayers are delivered by angels,
Asking God to free my soul.

As time marches on,
The pen is mightier that the sword,
Domestic Violence has to stop,
We are losing lives to tough love.

This life full of strife and bitters,
Freedom is not earned is given,
To those who struggle for a better life,
A land where the spirit is fed not just the flesh.

There is a place above the stars,
There are no tears of sadness,
A place where souls are kind,
Love keep us together instead of apart.

Life can be peaceful and yet full of strife,
Words can be soft or cut like a knife,
You need friends to help you see,
God's love will carry us through.

One of the miracles I thank God for,
Is the hope he made in my soul,
Christ look upon my broken heart,
I'm cradled securely in HIS arms.

Dedicated to Leo...I love you...

"Unanswered Prayers"

Just because God don't answer,
It doesn't mean he don't care,
God knows what He's doing,
Sometimes I thank Him,
For unanswered prayers...

I look at your picture is all I have,
I see the stars reflecting in your eyes,
I find myself somewhere inside,
Deep in my soul wanting to see you smile.

There is a fire burning in my heart,
You are the man in my mind,
A lost soul seeking a home,
Longing for blessed love divine.

Our souls can no longer be pushed away,
Burning desires to be together,
Flow of passion that struck us both,
Has become to strong to ignore.

Our souls destined to unify,
Our fantasy of true love is real,
I need you just the way you are,
I will love you forever and a day.

To my friend Leo, thanks for being my friend.

"Broken soul"

I sit alone by the window,
Tears streaming down my face,
The pain reflected in my heart,
Trying to hide fears of the past.

A victim of her husband; said the judge,
"When Domestic Violence is stopped,
This country will grow"
All is left is my weak frame.

Broken frame or bones,
Beaten black and blue,
He said he don't mean to hit me,
To be thankful I'm safe and warm.

Love doesn't mean security,
Presents aren't promises,
Kisses aren't contracts,
Death is not a star.

There is a place above the clouds,
Where we can pray for hope,
Prayers are delivered by angels,
God can make miracles heal a broken heart.

I believe miracles come true,
There's magic in your touch,
My tears where not in vain,
When you held me safe in your arms.

Let's dance with joy in our hearts,
When you give from the soul,
The gifts you have showing you care,
To know I'm not alone you'll
be there.

You've given me a new song,
To a chattered heart a blue soul,
Friendship is God's way,
Of loving us through someone else.

Dedicated to Michael...

"More than LOL..."

I know you care about me,
Being appart is such a hard thing,
I thought I'll be happy,
Just to keep you on my mind.

I can't touch you through this screen,
Eventhough I know you will be there,
Your voice was like magic in the air,
As long as you're in my heart,
I'll never be alone.

My heart alone slowly heals,
Knowing you are the one I love,
My poetry will be complete,
When you hold me close.

The distance in miles keep us apart,
Making us strong for when we meet,
Inside my heart your love I keep,
I know my heart will go on,
I will never give up HOPE,

Every night in my dreams,
I see you, I feel you,
I'm safe in your arms,
Because you are always in my heart,
I love you forever and a day.

To Lion with all my love...

"Forever and a Day.."

I think of you and how it must be,
To see you slowly open your eyes,
To touch your face with my fingers and lips,
To fall with you as if into space.

The moon shines on you and I tremble in love,
Desires move me renew me bring me a new song,
To write to you my feelings grow strong,
For the day when I'll sleep with you in my arms.

I dream of you images of a soft gentle dance,
Joined together in this life taking a chance,
Joys and delights of you and me at nights,
We took a pathway for a lifelong shared romance.

To hold you and see the stars in your ocean like eyes,
To hear the fast beat of your heart so close to mine,
Of all withing to hear your voice, see you smile,
Feel the depth of your emotions within my soul.

Love has already won,
what we where afraid to share,
Hurts caused our hearts to tear,
You are in my life to stay forever and a day....

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Biographical sketch: A special friend helped me through a terrible pain - Family Violence needs to stop - to Leo my best friend, thanks...

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