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Poems by HSMegahed

Abelard and Heloise

After we die
after the decimal in pi
You and I will lie
Look eye to eye
Through grass roots
And go on forever
If you are here
And I am there
Our remains will find a way
To be together
Under the shades
Roots to limbs
Of upside down trees
I will remember the air
From your kiss
That entered my lungs
Stole my heart
And left me breathless
As we are now
When your lips are gone
I will see your smile
When your voice is gone
I will hear it while
I sleep tucked in
The lines of your skin
When we are bones
I will find your crease
And mix orbit to orbit
Femur to femur
Rib to rib
Until we are but souls
That siamese
Like Abelard and Heloise

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Biographical sketch: Frustrated poet. Started writing two months ago.

HSMegahed recommends:

Webster's Dictionary by Jean L.Mckechnie

Reason: poetry is in the words

Recommendations for writers:

If you look at a structure from different angles that you don't recognize you'll know it better


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