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Poems by Helena de Vière


Candlelight by a stretching table
Silver plates, side by side
They bore down on the strings
Carve their melody
Into my bones
Swirling wishes
Whispered into the night air
Velvety satin
Sparkles like black glitter
Clicked upon the marble
Stable and deep
Reflections from the silver moon
Reflections into oblivion
Buried into your soft caresses
Warm and enthralling
Mindless contentment
Candlelight burns


A lonely girl cries in the water
Torrents of moonlight reaps at her sorrow
Looking down; a crest of discontentment
Immerse herself from the eyes of a hollow beast
Submerge inside her watery dream
The object of her desire; eternal love
Immortal passion of non-existence
She questions her faith
Freezing fingers grasp on frozen tiles
Glistens in the interstellar rays
She cries

Listen To The Spirits Of The Water

Listen to the spirits of the water
Sirens; they sing to me, the secrets
Of my aging inside
Of the deterioration of the others'
Sweet child of my womb
Leaving me, only for me to cry
For his passing; transformation
He spoke to me about his passions
Stood by the cliff and listened like I did
The spirits sing, they dance, they laugh
Soft kisses he sealed
Ink after ink after ink
He needed to feel that he was special
He needed to know I loved him
Coldness crumbles over me, at the brush
Of my fingertips
Burns as the amorous moonlight
Reaps at his tears
Soiled beneath the magical dream
Heaving stone; carved his name

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Biographical sketch: Artist of my own emotions.

Helena de Vière recommends:

Odes by John Keats

Reason: The passion and intensity is really quite staggering when you relate.

Recommendations for writers:

Begin with your deepest emotions, sculpt them into a liquid form and then pour it into your ink.


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