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Poems by heavenlyapril

The Bird

He is a lonely bird that falls.
On his way down he calls.
Soaring by opportunity and dreams,
On his way down he screams.
Deranged thoughts in his head.
nothing he has ever said.
With his head held high he spreads his wings.
songs of enchantment he sings.
Looking ahead he finds he was.
looking like an angel more every day.
Flying above all things and everyone,
the test is over he passed and won.
He sleeps alone and out of sight.
His dreams will be different tonight.
No more hurt and no more fear
He sleeps peacefully because she is near.

only sometimes

He only loves her when he wants.
He only shows he cares at night.
he will say goodbye when he leaves.
He will say hello but with no kiss.
this makes her cry only sometimes.

He says he loves her.
He says he hates her.
He will say goodbye forever.
He will never say hello again.
This makes her cry only sometimes.

She cries with nobody there.
She cries and nobody will care.
She slowly dies inside and out.
She slowly dries the tears that fell.
This makes her cry only sometimes.

Fear will consume her.
Burns will cover her.
Death will overbear her.
But still she cries only sometimes.

He is blind but he can see.
She is broke but now she is free.
He is gone and wont be back.
She is blue but her tears are black.
He was hers but not for long.
She was his and will always belong.
He is now alone.
she has a light that she has shown.
He will look at it but not see it.
She is by the phone and there she will sit.
He will call but not to talk.
She will listen but wont be able to walk.
He has been there but now has flown.
She is now alone.
He lives his life just the same.
She doesn't have any reason for blame.
He doesn't cry and doesn't think.
She is in a lake and can only sink.
He wont write but sometimes call.
She is in a hole and can only fall.
He closes his eyes at her sight.
She dreams of him every night.
He plays it off like he just didn't care.
She wants to see him but doesn't dare.
He thinks of her when he feels bad.
She thinks of him and feels sad.
He doesn't want to give it a try.
She cannot ever say goodbye.
He hears her but shuts her out.
She whispers because she doesn't know that she has to shout.
He leaves memories too good to hide.
She feels as though her heart has died.
He comes around with for her a sigh.
She sees him around and wishes too die.
He will call again and make it right.
She knows he will only take frantic flight.
He hides his worries to make her his.
She watches her dreams die out and fizz.
He makes her weak so she will stay.
her heart breaks and falls away.
He doesn't know that she is hurt.
She is dirt and god made dirt.
He only uses her softer side.
She is behind this and there she will hide.
He will leave and the pain will rewind.
She knows her love is blind.

there is a feeling i get when i am laying in your arms.
soft and warm you reach out.
hoping to get in.
tears of pain
streak my face.
talking hurts
but lying cheats.
playing a game where you are the dice.
feelings gambled
done by choice.

from my earth an angel begins.
From my face an angel beams.
From my life an angel lives.
From my mind an angel gleams.
From my heart an angel gives.
From my head an angel dreams.
From my future an angel turns.
From my wrath an angel seems.
From my love an angel burns.
From my lust an angel sins.
From my loss an angel wins.
From my hate an angel dies.
From my angel an angel flies.

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Biographical sketch: i am a very confused little girl. my poetry is scars on paper.

heavenlyapril@yahoo recommends:

scars on paper by april harrington
Reason: it is my own that i can really understand.

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I dont think about it I just write and what comes out is beautiful.


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