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Poems by griffin

Sluttish sonnet
Shall I compare you to the western sun?
Those solar spots do paint your freckled face.
You are more shallow and a lot more fun
and wear hotpants and boots without disgrace.
In afternoon Aurora shines more bright
and enervates the shadows with its ray.
Yet you supreme in Luna's mirrored light,
entrancing me with movements of a fay
A full eclipse can only last a while,
yet crowds of scholars come abroad to see't.
But when you kiss me with a lustful smile,
no preacher cares for my ecliptic need.
For sluttish sex can cure neglected griefs,
With sins, a sinner's pain can ever cease.

Bearded like this makes me look
ten years older, or similar to a Mexican teen.
Unwilling to disentangle ghetto webs
of bathroom spiders, breeding on
the razor with which
my dad taught me how to shave.

Resting in my bedroom chair, my
eyes align, my mouth breathless speaking,
my thumb and my forefinger wrestling
with my plastic pen, which listens
to demanding words of emery paper,

So similar shaving, smoothening
rough and crowded textures, scything up
and down the itchy cotton
-rather scorched than bleached like dad's-
leaving marks of blood, secretly
sealed with tissue corners,
matte and glutinous.
Between my thumb and forefinger,
a razor's sharply cutting, sculpting
childish faces and newborn thoughts,

Between my thumb and forefinger,
a razor's sharply cutting, sculpting
dreams of childishly new thoughts,

Madame spider
Madame spider

the elegance of your webs is
wondrous yet cruel
luring na´ve creatures
with crystalline dew

the wisdom of your cortex is
so fragile in finesse
misleading and deceiving
flies with its brightness

Predators complex
hold symmetric hearts;
glazed white waterpaint
form fearsome christian scars

Sensitive hairy claws
are numb to all affection.
Diligent 7 paws
show a glimpse of imperfection

Pogrom astma
Ira wears an overall, uniform gray
like garbage cans of slums
but twice as dirty.

Not fluorescent orange, like the costumes
of death row victims
in the southern states of redskin justice
, but the Jewish gray substitute.

His right arm shows a non-christian sign,
magnolia, weathered in cargo train trips
across Europe, to his last undestination.

The flavour of the wavered fan air
feels as stewed and dusty
as the room of stainless steel.
Suddenly slow, the waver gets
thicker, and stable, dictating
dioxide and death row undestined.
Ira eyes their epileptic spasms,
realizes "breathing's getting harder, it's my astma, gotta
puff, getting dosy, get my
respirator, get some rest..."

Lizard's communion
Swamp stew is listed in the cookbook of a female lizard;
Her home made brew evaporates and joins the breeze outside.
The marshland drift surrounds the colony of ridged reptiles,
the ladies of the lake are predators like crocodiles

Shielding the communion from the populous pollution,
salamanders compel giant toads to drive the fishermen;
Protecting bastard offspring, mutants morphed by hostile breedings:
leaders are elected for their Grey-Oak cutting tails.

The complex goldgreen mixture of the sunlight canopies
over pre-Jurassic arbors with mutated cactus leaves,
revolves around the cataclysm like radial waves

Befogged the poison ivy's tentacles trap and consume
Skulls class homo sapiens are spread ironicly;
The life of the communion comes from nuclear exhaust pipes.

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Biographical sketch: Born April the first, 1985. Skipped first grade. Got in touch with poetry at age of 13. Started to write 'decent' poetry at age of 15.

griffin recommends:

Digging by Seamus Heaney

Reason: Mr. Heaney has the ability to link simple images to a deeper context.

Recommendations for writers:

You should constantly ask yourself q.-w.-questions. What do I want to write? How should I write this? What should I let the person do; who's the person? etc.


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