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Poems by gothique_halo

i can feel their warmth
and touch their smiles
with the moon
they ebb and flow

(tears which flow)

i can chain their patience
and swim in their tears
no matter where
the rivers go

i can share in their sadness
and mimic their pain

tis i know

(tears which flow)

three tiny stars
in the sky
for me

i can feel that torture
inside my broken heart
a torture that binds
the hands of comfort
and kneels in wait beside love

it wants to be found
it needs to be guided
it wants to be with you

i can feel that death
iniside my mocking sobbing
a death that comes to linger
in the footsteps of love
who waits alone for life

it wants to be able
it needs to be perverse
it wants to be with you

i can feel that joy
inside my humbled soul
a thought that sends a picture
and scetches you in blood
it wants to be my smile
it wants to be with you

i can feel that point of view
inside these tired off-shoots
a view that flowers in misery
and drinks my tears in vain

it wants to be weeded
it needs to be picked
it wants to be with you

oh! i can feel those hands
that once touched me softly
and those lips that once spoke my name
with the death that once was living
and with the joy you felt the same

what have i done
that makes my heart bleed
no more
that my voice speaks not
but screams out in tiny
whispers of death
....shouts to be mourned

this will weep
and you shall hurt
with eyes as lost as mine
lost out of regret
from too much sorrow
for all it is now
worth to you

what have i done
that i no longer
hear your voice
speak my name
where i kneel in personal isolation
and you there much the same
we are both blamed

this will bleed
and you shall scream
with voices bruised and broken
stung with the stabs of guilt
but much too soft
......for murder

what have i done
that somehow caused this to perish
stained hands and dirty mind
we are shamed
both wrong

and this will lie
and you shall lose
all hope now soiled and discarded
by faith
by a prayer..... un-rehearsed
.....left rejected

what have i done
that my ears bleed to listen
.....in darkness
in rasps of "i love you's"
i once heard long ago
i remain
......just to remain
simply unchanged

murmurs of goodbye


Oh!..ring of light
borne to be

crystal colours
of icy dew

sublty pure
with rings so focused

towards the sun
towards the moon

all that is outward
for us plainly to see

in the night skies
all hope to be
a mere rainbow

..perfection so missed

alas!...a halo!

lighting the way for me

come be my arc!

she thinks too much
it only leaves her messed
in discrarded heaps of trash
no one makes much sense anymore
no more

she loves too much
it just keeps her blue and abused
kneeling for repetence
keeping her sore
no one cares as much
...she prays to be more

she dreams too much
then cries out in the sweat and the tears
where the stains of love
bleaches her pores
no one sleeps as much
....she wants to be pure

she laughs too much
with the soft whispers of angels
followed in the footsteps of the devil
no one smiles as much
no more

she dies too much
dressed in the scars and the scabs of love
that once bled free
the world is her graveyard
no one kills as much
come kill her

she wants too much
it all kneels before her touch
to mingle once among the saints
and here i pray for her

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