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Poems by Ginum


A heart that aches, seeming to be broken into
Hidden from all not for anyone to view.
Trust is shattered. Where can it be found?
Buried deep within the earth
to form a mound.
Pain runs through her every being
yes even her soul
This matter has shaken her, it's taken a toll.
Believing this could never happen to you and me
How very wrong I was now clearly do I see.
Beside me I thought you would stand
Your feet planted firmly, not upon quick sand.
To have been so wrong has brought such pain
Stabbing deep within leaving me simple and plain.
For you I stand up straight ready to defend
Surely knowing on me you can always depend.
Emotions run high but my self worth is low
Betrayed do I feel, this you surely know.

How Far Will You Go

How far will you go to ensure I live in misery?
Making me keep your secrets never to be free.
How far will you go knowing the pain you cause?
You don't care, not taking a breath or even pause.
How far will you go making sure I live in fear?
You sit by idly watching me cry tear after tear.
How far will you go with this game you play?
The rules set forth I must always pay.
How far will you go till you tire of me?
Maybe when I'm broken, you'll leave me be.

Letting Go

Letting go, no harder a thing to do
Leaving the person I thought I knew.
Dying a thousand deaths no end in sight
But I know my leaving had to be, it was so right.
Each day is a struggle memories do haunt me
I gave my best yet you weren't able to see.
My love once so strong faded with time
The passion gone after years of loving you sublime.
Why couldn't I make you see you were my all?
Climbing a ladder only to take a fall.
Never will I forget the life we did share
No other will I love completely I do not dare.
Thinking our love would last forever
Was what kept me going I'd be without you never.
But letting you go was what I had to do
You left me no choice further apart we grew.


It's known as the drug to make you feel
Yet it lies, robs, and destroys, no big deal.
You're taken to places you've longed to be
Only to lose everything. Why can't you see?
A cover up a mask thinking you rule
Actually of yourself making a fool.
Reality is no where to be found yet you try
You're bound by the drug even if you die.
It matters not if all you love is lost
Willing to pay the price no matter the cost.
Look at all you stand to lose and ask yourself
Could this drug be worth my all my wealth?

Just One More Time

Hold me just one more time before I go
Let me feel your strength weaker I grow.
For a moment put aside all you harbor
I feel my life slipping away for sure.
Hold me close let my arms be empty no more
So many years have gone by let's settle the score.
Forgetting the past what's done is done
The war is now ended neither of us has won
Yearning for this moment year after year
Always believing you would be here.
Hold me. Hold me with all your might
Colder I feel soon no more can I fight.
Don't hold back what your heart has to share
To be given one last chance to mend a wrong is oh so rare.
Hold me just one more time as I draw my last breath
You being here gave me peace, I no longer fear death.

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Biographical sketch: I love to write poetry. Have done so for about 25 years. My friends and family lead me to the internet to share my poetry.

Ginum recommends:

Hold fast to Dreams by Arna Bontemps
Reason: This is a book by various poets. Poems written in different forms about many different subjects. Good reading.

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