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Poems by Galadrial

Goddess By Moonlight

You have never seen the moon
silver my breasts,
when I've kicked aside the blankets
and waited for the night air
to slip over my skin.
You feel my flesh
in your own fashion,
know only so much
of what is sweet
but you don't know
who I am
when the goddess wakes
and takes me
for her singular worship.

I feel the nubble of cotton sheets
skin growing too warm
and sensitive
to even the kiss
of cooling night air.
You think I am who you desire,
but she is wearing my skin
and bidding you
to fall to your knees
and pray using the sounds
that were old when man was young.

I am timeless,
and wandering free...
You dream of taking me,
but will find
that you touch divinity
in one shimmering moment
when all is honey and salt
longing and want
and oh yes...
I will guide you to the light.

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Biographical sketch: Insane Library type---educated by nuns...but secretly part jewish...oh yes...and old as dirt.

Galadrial recommends:

Black Apples by Lyn Lifshin
Reason: A decent collection of readable prose with a bite...and enough o henry zinger endings to make it solid.

Recommendations for writers:

Learn the difference between "personal" poetry, and public poetry. The personal stuff is so damned close to your heart, that if an editor wants to blow off a comma, you're ready to duel...
If ALL your stuff is personal, you need to write more, emote less...


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