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Reflection of Deceit

Scratch my back with a razor blade,
Slit my throat with words hate made.
Toss my emotions into the air,
Strip my soul naked and bare.
Break the legs that carry the burden,
And scar the face that reminds you again,
How he puppetered your heart strings,
Always promising that diamond ring.
Yes, pretend I'm the bird that can fly,
But don't dare look me in the eye,
Knowing you clipped my wings as a consequence,
Of manipulation that left you a mother without defense.


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Biographical sketch: I'm 21, going on seven years as a poet. I'm currently residing in Florida, scheduled to begin college in January.

fritz_8448 recommends:

Collected Works of Robert Frost by Robert Frost

Reason: I enjoy how he turns nature into everyday life. Ex. Love is the summer that doesn't end.

Recommendations for writers:

Forget, write what you know. Expierment. You'll be amazed at what you do know when you try new styles. Don't get caught up in trying to make deadlines. It doesn't take long to forget why you write.


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