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Everything I do
I do for YOU.

don't do for me,
so it's time for me to see

that I
don't comply

with what you want
ME to be.
And YOU get angry

and belittle and scold
and try to mold

You're YOU
and I'm ME.
I don't want to be

what I'm not!
I would rot

if I were like YOU,
even though
YOU put on the right show,

and I don't.
And I won't!
I refuse

to abuse,
and scream,
and yell,

and create a HELL!
Oh well....

I sing my song,
and dance my dance

I never took the chance,
to not care
if THEY stare.

Because who are THEY?
And SHE?
And HE?

I can always be
My own company!

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Biographical sketch: I am high school teacher in the inner city

Fern recommends:

City in All Directions by Arnold Adoff

Reason: It's about urban poetry,,, my favorite kind

Recommendations for writers:

Don't be afraid of baring your naked soul


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