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Poems by falanx

Laid down my life when I laid bare my soul.
Confusion was wrought.
I became lost in you, lost around you.
It was all so overwhelming.
I had no idea how far this would go.
The world was so easy to ignore when I was wrapped with you.
But you threw me away, couldnt care anymore.
What was it I had lost within you.
So alone, yet unafraid.
Back in my place, and still I craved you.
To be able to stop my love when I want to, so much like you.
Was I suffering alone, left for dead, left out there, left for
Suicide so hard to find, blood like mine.
Going back, gone to the old ways.
Irrational thought.
Erratic behavior.
What divine right could save a soul like mine.
Aware of my place in this world of confusion.
A scattered dream lost amid the ruin of my mind.
I feel the hunger burning inside.
The hunger for expansion and contraction.
A devouring force full of life.
My life is mine again to steer as I choose.
I seek no glory, only eager anticipation.
A life to live, and laugh, and cry.
Can this explain my attitude.
The furthest reaches of my mind do sing.
This abundnce of life, no hiding from it.

The gratefulness of this pain I will not show.
I'll smile the smile of a thousand sun bleached days.
My lapse of logic does not surrender me to you.
These burnt offerings are not enough to subdue me.
Your uselessness is strikingly appearrant.
By serving you i've served my self.
This agony i've claimed is a small price.
My world is no sullen place, it has been built on hope and a
thousand wild dreams.
Yesterday and all its empty contents mean nothing to me.
I worry not of tommorow, for I everything I need I have today.
I defend my-self with words and subtle thoughts.
Your life is a glare, best not looked at directly for all its
frightening aspects.

Glad you came, bare witness, this sad rite, a passage of fools,
gestures are weak, words do damage, don't be apart of the sadness,
movement like fluid, sinous like twine, grave resentment, escape
of hope, parlay your madness, laid with sin, twisted grin, of like
hearts, no minds know, culture driven, true story, no guess, you
relate, it thickens within, ritual agony, glad you came , witness
is weak, fools withdraw, gestures do damage, words are weak, the
fear is absolute, give in give in give in, fluid movements, mask
whats within, fear comprehends, hear..its like an animal,
complicated woth-out grace, super cyclin, waste of age, gone
again, products layered with sin,
know minds..no, culture driven, true story.

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Biographical sketch: Born in '79. Been writing since I was 14. Moved around alot. Currently living in Germany.

falanx recommends:

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstien
Reason: The first book of poetry I read as a kid. It made me think more than any other book as a kid.

Recommendations for writers:

Write to make your self happy. Dont worry about if it makes sense.



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