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Poems by Eyedhornet

Face of an Angel

Deepened lines from shallow sleep, paint the face of an angel.
Rumors, too long to be truth that followed her from long ago, are shadowed now by a halo.
Just as she was, we are stepping, light footed but with heavy guilt.
Too much to take in with all of life's sins,
we juxtapose ourselves to close the wounds and heal the battle scars of strangers, our heroes.
A kiss of death she got, now love follows her forever.

I hail the luscious echo of your body out of sight,
sensing only movement in the sounds I hear at night.
Your beauty is a mystery that speaks if called upon,
when the night is shining favorably, I'll touch you by the dawn.
You'll always be seductive in my world of sightless sound, sending out your images in a vision that I've
Surround me with your beauty with a gripping breath of air, then count the stars back to me, for you've
told me they are there.
Dawn the day is present, now you've left my darkened soul,
take with you my message, let the light be black as coal.

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Biographical sketch: I am a 45 yr. old male who likes to write the pure fun of it. Hope you like
some of it.

Eyedhornet recommends:

I like all of the stuff that gets a person thinking. Lets go with John Lennon And Jim Morrison for now. by Robert Frost is one good one.
Reason: Take all of his work, get what you can out of it, then try to read a little more into it.

Recommendations for writers:

Be as creative and diverse as possible. I try to as much as I can.


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