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Poems by EvelynR

You are my best poem.
The power of my words reaching your heart,
speaking to your soul.
My inspiration,
my sweetest passion
in a spontaneous overflow of feelings...
My dearest secret.
The one we tenderly share,
grasp as one
and seal with our lips.
My miracle of love.
Explosion of joy
and rebirth of many fantasies
darkened inside
for such a long time.
You are my best poem
reading you,
I find the woman within myself.
The one who will always love you.
No matter,
what come may...

Flaming in desire
I touched
your chest in sleep
opening the curtains
of your own being.
You woke up from your lethargy
at my caress,
to find us kissing and hugging,
in Heaven.
Profound insight
of our naked souls,
born to such sweet delight.
Intimately linking our lips
and nature
with radiant immortality,
in the rhythm of love,
we aimed
at an explosion of life.
Golden lightning
inside my spirit...
A lily in bloom!
In the splendour of times,
sprung out to you!

All alone with the sea,
rough sea,
with its raging, dubious waves...
Sometimes saying yes and,
others no, maybe...
Feeling the so wet sand
under my bare feet.
And the crabs
biting my thoughts,
my illusions,
hindering my destiny.
Time whitening my hair,
and my dreams...
Icy wind making a nest
in my lips.
All alone with the sea,
my body has set up roots,
going so deep within.
But, as far as the lines
of the horizon I can see,
with the dawn of your life
my eyes are filled,
with the fire of my heart
yours will beat.

Let me take care
of your broken wings.
Let me be the shelter
on your weakest days.
Let me find the way
to your deepest dreams.
Let me hear the words
you keep in your heart.
Let me hold you tightly,
tightly in my arms.
Let me feel your solitude
as if it were mine...
And my heart's
most intimate desire,
let me see my dreams
reflected in your eyes.

Witness of its faithful caress
on forgotten petals,
the silence of the rose
still delights to trace its course
from some corner of her solitude.
Dewy love,
enchanting her with
all the sweetness
of its blessing touch.
Feeling the most
intimate sorrow,
while sliding pains
on the velvet slope...
Not one,
so many they are,
reaching its core,
to find its rotten bud
encompassed by dark memories
which still pierce
her bruised heart.
Fallen petals on the road,
which gain sculpted shapes
and frame
endless dreams
with their thorns.
Passing feet
disintegrate them forever,
and purple spots remain,
squeezing all hopes
carved on dry lands.
They will blossom
-no more...

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Biographical sketch: the poet with sad eyes

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Recommendations for writers:

Hear every beat of your heart and transfer it into words. Mix it with every gift of Nature at your sight and never be afraid of opening yourself to others.


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