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Poems by Ethan

Being Langston Hughes

I would have wept
upon creation

truth wrapped as a present

in two lines

nothing as beautiful


Science stole the magic.

The answers are available at Walmart.

Children can learn through the TV.

And Wall Street is raping the prophets.

With wonder gone, is there hope?

With hope gone, is there any need to wonder?

Hope is for sale, but for a limited time only.

It can also be leased.

Doctrine and dogma keep the rabble confused.

Disorientation demands

deconstruction and the

uninspired generations sit

cubicled, slowly distilling

dreams only to burn them in

amphetimine alcohol oblivion.


She walks on eggshells-
balancing her words and actions
knowing silence shattered
is a bell toll for pain

In dreams, she is forever?
Dancing with doves
and swimming among stars.


The glaciers didn't come through here.

They stopped and slowly crawled north and the ice age was no more.

They refer to this area as "Driftless" and they named it right.

To this day the fields are tilled by farmers who learned from their Dads who in turn learned from their Dad.

But I am alien.

A visitor to a region with strong roots,
a foreigner or tourist with a lost look etched in my eyes.

Unlike the rolling fields lacking strange stone,
I know myself to be out of place-
like the granite that lay on the floor of my car
the ground here is kind to its brothers
but to the drifter it is cold,hard, and unfeeling.


By virtue of rebellion, I refuse to give into despair

Damned Sissyphus, the boulder is joy and the mountain inspiration

so I embrace existence, reluctant to learn
spiteful in my act
and infuriating in my persistence

and through my determination
I am transformed a hero
sailing and celebrating
just like Dean and Sal

and when the peak is reached
I choose to keep climbing
so I might sleep with God
under heavens stars

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Biographical sketch: I am a student at UW-Platteville who hopes to be a teacher in the not-too-distant

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Reason: In one word: Mindful.

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Does anyone truly choose what they think about when they write poetry?


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