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Poems by Erin

What I'll Miss About You

Everyday I think of that tragedy that happened one year ago and think why did it have
to be you
Why did this have to happen, why couldn't you just hold on?
Why did he have to be selfish?
Why didn't he get punished for all the hurt he caused?
Does he even know what he did?
And I know that I will never get the answers
But I still hope for a miracle and that this is all a nightmare
I try to wake up but that hurt inside me is still there
I know I'll never see your happy smiley face again
I know I will never see you roller blade or come up the street in your car
With the music loud as it will go
I know I'll never see you met the man of your dreams or get married
I know I'll never see you with your kids
I know you'll never get to see my boyfriends
Or help me got over a relationship that broke my heart
I know you won't get to see me in my prom dress or be at my graduation
I know you won't be at my wedding or see me with my kids
I know you'll never see me with my nieces
But I will never forget you
And I could never forget the fun we had or the laughs we shared
I will always remember you


Fear is when you know something went wrong,
But no one will tell you what happened,
All you know is that it was fatal,
You don't know who was involved,
Your mom gives you that look,
You know that you were close to them,
All the while you feel like you have a knot in your throat
Everything is running through your mind,
Who could it be?
What happened?
When and how bad is it?
You think that it's one of your grandparents,
Then your mom turns to you and says, 'It's Tina, she died this
Then everything else is running through your mind again,
How did it happen?
Why and who did this to her?
You want to know but then again you don't,
You find out,
All this hate for him builds up,
And it keeps building day by day,
More and more until you get to meet him and take all your anger out on him,
Meanwhile all this anger building inside of you pushes people away,
It's been a year and three months,
And you still haven't seen him again,
And you try to live your life.
Cherish everything you have now while you can.


You were like a big sister I never had,
Then you met Steve he was good to you at first,
Then the games started to get old and you were sick of him so you said good-bye,
After a while you became friends,
One night after work you stopped by his house to chat,
And he upset you so you took off and he chased you,
Who knew that would be good-bye forever,
He didn't want anyone else to have you so he pushed you off the road,
He called an ambulance but you had already said good-bye,
He was selfish and if he couldn't have you no one could,
But who knew you would go at nineteen,
I went to say good-bye to you but promised never to say good-bye to you forever and I
saw your name on the nameplate and couldn't hold it back I cried,
I try to be strong but I can't be strong for everything,
I visited you on your birthday it was hard but I did it,
I looked at the ground over your casket it didn't have much grass on it and I
said, 'See she wasn't ready to go,'
I try to live a normal life but I can't even though it's been a year,
You affected my life in such a positive way and I will never forget you no matter what
happens you live on with me
In spirit and give me direction and strength and visit me occasionally though some
people don't believe me,
It was a hard lesson to be taught in the way you did but it was harder to take the
But I will always remember you and never let you go now that you are in the arms of
the angels may you find it a better world.

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Biographical sketch: I lost my best friend April 24,1999 to a car accident and
I get my feelings on life and toward her out through poetry. I hope you like my

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Get it at amazon.com! The Rose That Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur
Reason: I like this book because all of Tupac's poems are realistic and tell about him and his life and they show that no matter what anyone said that Tupac defied it.

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