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Poems by Emellia


We friends,
Do we not love?
If we love,
Are we still friends?

Can we still talk?
Share our thoughts,
Share our talk,
Sill have thoughts?

Give gifts,
Because of our love.
Give for love,
Not love for give?

Stick together,
When things get hard.
Things together,
Can never be hard?

Work as one.
Don't work too much,
Much more than one,
Is much too much.

Friends more than love,
Friends hold together.
More love together,
Holds friends forever.

Name Calling

Would me be I
if her name was mine
Could it bring the same affection

Could you like I
when we know inside
I'm calling your reflection

Would you be the same
If I called that name
Would you make the same connection

Would it be fine
lying, such a crime
would I turn in your direction

Do you not see
how it hurts me
when I can’t make the correction

When I know your name
is not the same
as I'll call in your election

Biographical sketch: Student from the depths of Somerset. Poetry lets me release my feelings.

Emellia recommends:

Serious Concerns by Wendy Cope

Reason: Most of the poems are very random, all are very different but have an exciting feeling
about them.

Recommendations for writers:

Relax, and let the words flow. Go with your first instincts, and correct them later.


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