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Poems by emacus

Forest of Thoughts

I was walking in a forest of thoughts.
I noticed thousands of exotic species.
Most of which my mind had never conceived.
Where was all of this coming from?
An answer seemed imperative.

Years pass by, the answer still hidden.
In this time more thoughts than before have sprouted from the ground in my forest.
I call out to my life, "I am ready."
My own echo isn't even heard.

It seems as if I am left out.
A group of my inner lives are plotting against me.
Will they strike me?
Or will my mind conquer?
Then one day in my deteriorating state,
something told me, "you must search."
And now my forest has a path.


Should we go on living this craze?
Will the sirens, so loud, burn out in a phase?
The light in our eyes is surely a tease
I grasp the connections adoring the haze

Where was the night, that day it was black?
Under the shadows we were closed in the sack
Linking the pieces of matter left blank
We ran for the vision, but suddenly sank

Whoa, There's nothing we can do, the world soon to crash
Whoa, Lost in the ruins, how will our minds clash?
There's no one around to help heal the wounds
We listen attentively relying on sounds

Should we go on living this craze?
When even the floor is the hardest maze
What can we do to color the days?
Like waiting for the best part, and the tape never plays

Whoa, There's nothing we can do, the world soon to crash
Whoa, Picking up blocks that all turn to ash
Nothing's secure, the concrete is glass
As we look for an answer, the days quickly pass

Forget the Pills

Extend your reach into eternal joy
Liven up your nightmare decoy
Stop running down your ego
Ask me, the answers I know

You're changing, turning the pages back
Deepening your self pity, tying up the sack
You're lying, your heart is turning black
The strings you are pulling are soon to snap

Get your eyes checked first, you must see
The ugly power in your negativity
Next, tell yourself, I'm alright
My bitter act won't win this fight
Allow your mind to reach a flat
When it does, climb the hill by which it sat

These are the answers to your ills
Pour out the bottle, forget the pills

Time for a Dream

I lay sleeping,
Following myself to a dream prior seen
I lay awake,
Watching myself wanting to walk in my dream

I stand searching,
Wondering where the beginning meets the end
I stand seeing,
Holding in my arms my life, much too short

I cry foolishly,
Crying won't give me more time to expand
I cried
But crying was holding me back

I sang,
I sang of my will to fulfill my dreams
I live,
I live in my dreams while I watch my life pass

The Nameless Team

Try to hear the voices, locked up in seconds.
Morphed into short pulses, the message isn't sent.
Traveling in time, a task, impossible to find.
Though everyday you see it, it's drank as fast as wine.
Life floats by in waves in the worlds derailing train.
So when you listen for the noises, they may never come.
A ticket is the doorway into the life we lead with shame.
If only we could understand the way to play this game.

Was today another yesterday being leaned on as a cane?
Or is it a tomorrow of which we still can dream?
Will I know the answers when the answers tell their names?
Will I hold on to the moment, will I join the nameless team?

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Biographical sketch: I'm a 17 year old male. I am starting my senior year fall 2000. I love poetry, specifically about the mind. I also love to play guitar.

emacus recommends:

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda
Reason: This is not a poetry book. It is a spiritual experience, logged in a journal. This book changed my outlook on life. It has a great impact on my poetry. There are several other wonderful books by Castaneda but this is my chosen one.

Recommendations for writers:

I usually start when some random sentence pops into my head. I could be in the middle of anything, and all of a sudden I am creating postry in my mind. So after I write down a line that came to me, I decide what I want to make out of that line. I add another line that will help build on the meaning and I just go from there.


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