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Poems by Elizabeth Enston

Jeake's House

A cobblestone street led to a door
a name plate proudly placed above.
Creepers surrendered these age-old stones,
Conrad Aitken's beloved abode.

Two candles on the wall did light
a chamber left, with ivory keyes.
A flute on lace and sheets of time,
befittingly echoed the room's surround.

The walls did wear dear prints of old,
T.S. Elliot's haunt, a study upstairs.
Charm caressed the wealth of books,
two flights above, unto our room.

Oak beamed ceilings, wood panelled walls,
a window wide with welcome view.
A trader's passage, a tavern's tales,
Rye from roof tops to the sea.

An angel held and blessed the walls,
upon the bed, my limbs reposed.
An aura of two poets past
I view this place within my heart.

Longships LIghthouse - Lands End

Beneath the sheen of the setting sun
the water moves with the breeze above.
Birds wing their way around the cliffs
to seek their shelter and food of fish.
A lighthouse stands on a rock along
with the welling water, its friend and foe.

Guinevere - a gentle guardian

Outside the sky was black with night
I closed my eyes to see a light

Within its shadows a lady knelt
her hand with quill and velvet felt

Her eyes did rise to meet my own
she took my wish and made it known

My heart did bud a well of wealth
a rose to last with every breath

A channdelier did then appear
crystal colours reflecting clear

Her fingertips reached and touched my own
reassuring her heart and allaying my own

I thank you from this heart of mine
now you've bound my love in time

Wipe the tears that burn your heart
and disperse the woes that frown your brow

Clear your heart with your smiling eyes
your spirit's not guilty as you've committed no crime

Oh Guinevere, King Arthur's Queen
Your love for Lancelot was meant to be.

I'll never love another
the way I love your heart
you're the rainbow and the sunshine
the moon that lights the dark
the dawn of morning breaking
even though we are apart
may my love protect your
deep within your heart

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Biographical sketch: Well travelled with a passion for English history. One book of poetry published in
England, Quinevere a heart unveiled.

Elizabeth Enston recommends:

Reason: It covers the personal history of some of Englands greatest poets and a collection of their most famous works

Recommendations for writers:

To listen to your heart and not be afraid to express your emotions.


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