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Poems by Edward Tighe

Class Reunion

The leaves once green and oh so sweet
Having given up their lives, lie at my feet.
With a blanket of brown, they cover the earth
Nourishing the soil, in hope of rebirth.

As I walk up this hill overlooking the town
Once again I am greeted by that familiar sound.
The sound of the trees, my stately old friends
Waking from their sleep to welcome me back again.

For with the aid of a gentle breeze
Waving their boughs so high above,
I hear them whisper "Come in, come in,
Come in to this garden
That you have grown to love."

Yes, many were the days I'd sit on this bench overlooking the pool
And my thoughts would go back to those days in school.
To those days when you and I were just young things
Uncertain of the future and of what it would bring.

But those days were all gone then, and hazy with time
For you had gone your way, and I had gone mine.
Many were the hours, I'd sit in repose
Chiding Old Father Time on how fast he goes.

I clench my fist and in anger I'd cry,
"Slow down you old demon, lest you pass me by."
But it was no use I admitted, my pleas he can't hear
As sadly I realized, that he has a deaf ear.

But then something happened that has changed my view
And as I sit here now thinking of you,
There is a happiness in my heart, that no meager words can convey.
That it was begot by the sight of you, is all that I can say.

Now as I gaze out over this valley
The town slowly fades from sight.
For my mind is racing o'er the miles
To try and relive that night.

That night as I stood staring at that door,
Wondering, but not knowing what fate had in store.
So trembling, I swung it wide and with a heart beating fast
I crossed the threshold and I stepped into the past.

For there were the classmates, I fondly recall
Waving and beckoning from within the hall.
But all the while shaking hands and acknowledging it's been so long,
My eager eyes were flying, my heavy heart was crying,
For a certain one, to be among that throng.

Then it happened and I knew, all was not in vain or despair,
For suddenly, my eyes had captured you
Yes you, in all your loveliness, standing there.

With gaze transfixed as if in fear
That should it vary, you might dissappear.
On uncertain legs, as fast as I could
I crossed the hall and before you I stood.

Though it was only for a moment
That your hand lay in mine,
The flame that it had kindled
Shall never cease to shine.

Then the sound of your voice
A breath of air so sweet,
Blew kisses upon that flame
And brought a blaze into my cheeks.

We laughed and we talked
We were both in good cheer.
I tried not to think of parting
But nevertheless - that dreadful hour drew near.
So we said our good-byes and try as I might
I couldn't keep a tear from springing
As I watched you go off into the night.

Now as I sit on this bench all alone
With the gates of night closing about me,
Suddenly, glancing on high
I am awed by the sight, of a new star so bright
Dancing in the sky.

I leap to my feet, the reason is clear
I know why that star is so bright and so dear.
It's the light from my eyes as I gaze above
Striking some distant object, and reflecting my love

Now as I walk down this hill
Slowly wending my way back home.
That star shining over my shoulder
Reassures that never, no never again,
Shall I be all alone.

Edward Tighe

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Biographical sketch: A retired police officer who was inspired to write this poem after attending a
class reunion in 1962. I graduated from high school in 1954 and recited this poem at another reunion in 1999.

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Reason: He too held onto poems for many years before publishing them.

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Telling a story that will touch the hearts of many others.


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