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Poems by Eddy De La Hoz


From home to work in Rye, New York,
'tis over 50 miles,
so four of us weigh down one car:
frugality over style.

The leaves, the snow, the au pair du jour,
all topics brought to trial
each other's idiosyncrasies
enduring all the while.

When court's adjourned we settle in
Sedation is inspired:
the heated air around the feet...
the humming of the tires…

Suddenly, I yell at a comrade
who was my sloth depriving:
Not that I mind your loud snores,
but please...NOT WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING!!!

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Biographical sketch: Born in Cuba in 1963. Grew up in Colombia. Studied Engineering at Manhattan College and Columbia University.

Eddy De La Hoz recommends:

Versos Sencillos by Jose Marti

Reason: He was able to paint the depth of the sentiment of his people with beautiful simplicity.

Recommendations for writers:

Let your feelings guide you.
Put them down on paper, then step back, take a long look and begin sculpting.


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