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Sounds of sorrow in the wind
Drifting across the plains of life
Searching for a place to rest,
and be heard.
No one listens,
No one cares,
It seems.
But sorrow knows no bounds
And keeps no friends.

For sorrow is a wanderer,
from one end of the world to the other.

Sorrow is forever lurking.

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Biographical sketch: Happily married father of 4.36 years old, I live and work in a small farming
community in Canada.

dr.jim recommends:

The Norton Anthology of Poetry by W.W.Norton&Company

Reason: The total diversity of poems I find is overwhelming.

Recommendations for writers:

Visualize what you want to say then put it on paper,that is what makes a poem great.When the person reading is seeing themselves in the poem.


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