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Poems by Denzie

"Chambers Road"

Carry us back to that magical place,
Trick of time through dreams of this sacred space.
Recalling the wonder and wisdom we once shared not so long ago,
Of conversation surrounded by our wild nature that together would unfold.
Unaware of echoes stirring their cosmic brew,
My mind reaches out to those lost souls we once knew.
They ran wild and free under the calm waxy moon,
Sharing a powerful trip with background of a familiar tune.
Celebration in honor of every seductive season,
These lost souls gave each a memory and a reason.
Touching base with our mother, bonding both her beauty and shine,
Holding onto her glowing energy that easily escapes the mind.
Will our inner children ever feel so completely entwined,
To this strange universe we created, only one of a kind.
With it's hills of sweet aroma and a sense of it's own,
The trees swollowed our laughter, we called this our home.
Carry us back to that magical place,
Trick of time through dreams of this sacred space.
For only we brought it life, for only we made it real.
Only we know how these lost souls feel.

"Gypsy Girl"

She glides through silvery passages of solitude,
Recycled hours collect insanities wicked mood.
Heavy visions take instant form revealing intention,
Extreme pleasure, her mind slips a word of mention.
Quick to justify clutter wrapped in velvet blindfold,
She cradles mixed tears of crucial secrets wrongly told.
Sweet empathy reaches divine focus in soft spoken time,
Mystical dreams of his strange gypsy laid away inside a borrowed mind.

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Biographical sketch: Poetry is a way of self expressing collected
thoughts that give meaning to the most deepest of pleasure or even fear.
Sharing those thoughts gives eternal meanings with just a few written words.

Denzie recommends:

Get it at amazon.com! Wilderness : The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison by Jim Morrison
Reason: Jim's recordings in the Album "An American Prayer", is what led to my readings of this particular book. The only description I can give of this book is a quote from Jim himself. "If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel." Jim Morrison 1943-1971

Recommendations for writers:

When writing poetry, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there
are no limits.


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