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Poems by Dark Stranger


after the dance
when your hair
clings to your cheek

and the damp
of our temptation
shimmers there

in the valley of your back
on the curve of your hip
I lay behind you

touching skin to skin
round to indent
I kiss your shoulder

you press back to me
your thighs accept my knee
you listen to my breath

as I drink pleasure
from your neck edges
you tremble

and grow chill skin
as I whisper
shall we dance again...

ęDark 2k


watching eyes
for the glaze look
before damp
darkens there

to breath rhythm
controlled and sure
then weakened
to sighs
and quick want sounds
holding edges
of moan words

slow hands
pushed away
by proper fingers
then pulled under caution
into hungry places
to touch secrets
and wear desire
as shimmer gloves

ęDark 2K


your offer your back
to my eyes

smooth skin
free of charms
no temptation

neck shapes
fit my whispers
fingertips touch ear edges

on willing shoulders
manhands dance

your kitten sounds
tell secrets
you deny

pleasure makes shiver places
your waist invites my imagination

you whisper about tomorrow
and another
side of you

ęDark 2K

crying voice woman (tanka)

sighing quiet songs
lotus petal opens slow
I whisper worship
nector drips from hungry lips
you are crying voice woman

ęDark 2k1

blushing glass

hands dance
entwine of fingers
damp hair clings
to sighs

steam on windows
blushing glass
we write poems
with skin words

no name sounds
imprints of charms
and wanting
in tremble positions

fitting places
to places
hard pushing
beyond edges

shudder cries ignite
can't get enough
trading sides inside

melding in wet pools of desire......

ęDark 2K

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Biographical sketch: Dark Stranger is that shadow that dances in the dreams of lovers...with quiet
whispers he suggests pleasure.

Dark Stranger recommends:

Listen to the Warm by Rod McKuen

Reason: A walk along some distant beach where alone and together are just thought places..Rod connects us all with those footprints discovered in the sand.

Recommendations for writers:

The image you see in your mind is a photo that begs to be described to blind readers..only you can do so, no one else will ever see that image if you don't capture it.


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