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Poems by DarkPyxie

Fades away

The black fades to blue
As she lies they're waiting for him to return. He always does. Bringing flowers and candies accompanied by apologies. This
isnt the first time it's happened. But she knows that it's her fault. If only she would do things just his way this would
not happen. Just like mother said.

The blue fades to a sickly yellow green, he hit her harder this time. Bloodied her nose. She lies there in the recliner,
waiting for him to come home. He was drunk tonight. He won't do it again. He's sorry. He's always sorry. She knows that
he doesn't mean it. It was her fault again. The steak wasn't done right, nor did she fold his shirt just right. She said
she was sorry, but he told her that she needed to learn a lesson.

The sickly yellow fades to a pale deathly white. He killed her today. He threw her out of the third story window after she
said that he was leaving him. After he returned yet again, with candies and flowers. Accompanied by apologies.

The Awakening

His voice echoes throughout the room, awakening me each night from my peaceful slumber. Murmuring gently underneath his
breath. Telling me the unknown truths to both our past and our future. These truths are those that I don't want to hear
things that I don't want to know.

Stroking my hair as he settles down on the edge of the bed, he reminisces on the past. Of our lives that we once shared. I
turned to see him, just to glance at his face, and all I see is a shadow of what he really is. A shade basking in the light
of my lamp.

He reaches over the turns the lamp off, talking all the while. Making me remember the things that I'd forgotten. Things
that I chose to forget, or those that just slipped my mind. How different our lives were, up till right now.
We are one, walking the same desolate paths to our destinies. Dark and miserable though they may be. Together we are one.
A whole. A unit. To the world we are just two different beings, alone in our own depths of hell.

Through the night he talks. On and on. I wake and see the dawn creeping through the room. I see his shadowy form slip
through the curtained window, into the mists, and he is gone.


his voice awakens me
each night from my slumber.
and as i wonder why,
i hear the sound of thunder.
As the lightining crashes,
i let out a sigh.
into his arms i float
his voice a low murmer,
as he whispers my name.
silent tears streak down my face,
as he tells me what the future brings,
death, chaos, destruction,
all to my family’s name.
Around my neck
a talisman he clasps,
to keep me safe from all the harm.
then with a soft kiss,
and a light caress,
he’s gone.
and alone i lie,
listening to the thunder,
watching the lightining flash.


silently wanting,
silently watching,
patiently waiting.
she watched his shadow
glide across the lawn,
knowing the horror he brings,
she invites him in at his knock,
she waits as he sips his tea,
waits for what's to come,
the appeal that is his voice,
the abuse that is his touch,
the pain that he brings,
the love that he wants
she welcomed him in,
invited him to stay,
and his price
she gladly paid.
Fore it was only her soul
that he took away.

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Biographical sketch: I'm 17, F. I'm from Mississippi. High School student. Anything else? Ask me.

DarkPyxie recommends:

The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe
Reason: It's wonderful in many forms.. and complicated to explain.

Recommendations for writers:

Write what you feel. And don't take any shit from any one.



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