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Poems by dantazAZ


Though we're both “air signs”
And we may blow both hot and cold
Those descriptions fall very short
of the substance of our souls.

You are smoldering,
Like the meltdown core of a bonfire
A visible black ash exterior
With glowing veins and eyes winking through.

I am a body of water
A flash flood, still cold & salty
White spray of beauty or destruction
Destined to become a dry gulch sometimes.

Interact with steam
At times a visual wonder
Or a cheap buffet warming tray
Holidome rubber eggs topped with grease and bacon

I long for the beachfront nights
Cool breeze and scents of the stew
The big puddle of life, W/an Ocean view
Ears run from explosions left & right

Brain swelling heat
Confusion on the reef
Pelicans inducing migraines
Just for a bite to eat

I truly don't care if I'm wrong or if I'm right
Don't talk to me about wrong or right
I see the path, the rockets left the site
What a glorious cold desert beach Flight
What a glorious cold desert beach night…



The captain with no boat
A Mountie afraid of his horse
The long slow slip slide of time
creeps around the corner with soft, sweet, sticky sounds.

A Warrior's mask
complete with feathers and wood
Someplace to hide, in plain view
Of the ugliness inside

The sky's gone gray and ashy white
Midwinter day's froggy twilight
In truth there is no resolution
Lies do have an end in sight.

Holiday tables
Full of food and care
Fine china banked with paper napkins
And coverlets over finely polished resentment.

Faces full of pain mixed with amusement from the years
Of driving to grandmothers house
Over the hills and through Hallmark cards
This is the xmas we know we should have.


RABBIT'S HAT – 12/3/00

Looks like the time has come again
to render oil from greased pans
Watch the flashing red and yellow dykes
Polishing off collars and spikes

Gonna pull a hat out of my rabbit
And juxtaposition
My new religion
In a diorama of poison and wit

New sightless, jellied eyes
A rare treat for you tonight,
An exhibition of my brain
Through a window is so full of pane

The wind begets the night
My soul is screwed on too tight
I bark my shins w/out the light
And my hat is wearing new rain.

Behind the Shed

My life is buried underground
A thing you have to dig around
Covered by the silt
>From other peoples years

Gigantic ribs and grinning teeth

Shells trapped upon the reef
Seasoned by the Ocean's salty tears

A dusky haired delight
Something roams the streets tonight
Reaching up to pull on my fears

Again that nasty yellow light
Makes it plain
Why it's ME on the road tonight!
Haven't you ever wanted to be somewhere/one else?

The New One's Begun

An astral yellow sunrise
Creeping past the dawn
Iridescent lizards
Prowling about my lawn

Dusty windows
Framed with dried out wood
Most of what I've got here
Looks bad but still might be good

A dusty acreage payday
Y'know it's dirt we grow ‘round here
Still our costs are way past nothing
But that price, still proves to be mighty dear.


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Biographical sketch: me= eclectic, bizarre, and human.

dantazAZ recommends:

e.e. cummings (all) by e.e. cummings

Reason: It's an example of heartfelt work with a disregard for others "allergies".

Recommendations for writers:

Always be yourself, period, exclamation point.



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