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Poems by Cristina Platt


Tinted the color of his skin,
he walks in paths of humble ways,
a continual change of life he has seen,
strife and sorrow mar most of his days.

Succeeding pleasures not at hand,
to climb up the vigorous ladder a task,
laboring strenuously enhances the brand
of hostile arena where his name many do not ask.

Streets of hope, streets of distress,
All chasing economic reasons,
his feelings a matter not readily addressed,
hot summers, winters are the coldest season.

For it is a man with tinted skin, who dies
with no glory, no zest, no satin bows,
thus futile dreams vanished along wih sighs,
O what a tinted fate life on him bestows!

Biographical sketch: I am a writer who loves to court poetry.

Cristina Platt recommends:

A concise treasury of Great Poems by Louis Untermeyer

Reason: A book of great anthology by Great poets from Chaucer to T.S. Eliot.

Recommendations for writers:

Examine the beauty of nature, and let your mind flow along.


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