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Poems by Ciphon Tha Rhyma


He dropped the jaw
of his large sweaty face
Slurring and drooling
Crazy tales of exaggeration
Desperately seeking eager eyes
Speaking louder and louder
fishing for an ear
His face boils blood red
Strangely calling out his own
monotonous lies
Thinking of this weeks story
Spitting it differently
than last weeks sequel
Creating new reasons and ways
for the mental fabrication
Painstaking as it is
Sweat stings his eyes and
forces an awkward silence
Watching him as his ears
act as a busy smokestack
While the truth burns away
Hairy nose grows and grows
I know now...hmmm...
Just justifying the extreme
boredom and void
Suffocating his actual being
Maybe he should find religion.


Dreams of a world to give
Precious of life
with a desire to live
Shrills at the top of my lung
she is the goddesses touch
Thought shakes roll my tongue
Drooling drivel of
confused adrenaline
Cross country drives
Thousands of intense highs
These nights remain entranced
by visions of her eyes
those sweet curvy thighs and
soft voice soothing my mind
Still my words remain stuck
Stuck in some thick mouth mud
Slap my funny blushing face
Please tell me its all right
So I can keep guzzling
Guzzling from your cup of life
I'll do anything for just
Another night.

Final Scene

Time means nothing
Nothing means everything
Give me a free death
Free to set the final scene
of the real me
Ready set go
Aloft high in the sky
With a favorite snowboard and
a cool grin
Relaxed and amused
as the end closes in
More to come when the lights
finally go out.

Awkward aloneness
Confused silence faulty minds
Whips up a new friend
although sublime
Ambient eyes gaze upon nothing
Lonely so it seems
Deep thought stuck
Stuck in whirlpool winds
Tap the heavy keg of knowledge
Fill up a mug
That only love can fill
Broken and chained
Insanity will slip beneath
the door without light glows
While you sit and suffer
from delusions of the world
Cracking its whip
stinging common sense
Every color and all beauty
will spin then melt
Erupting and raging
at frightening rates
Background will bond and blend
with your foreground
Until you can finally
handle no more.

Strange girlfriend
Sex for me comes when,
engaging knowing eyes meet
Sex for you comes when,
brushing blonde hair and
striking a pose
Sex for me comes when,
dressing in elaborate clothes
and meeting the girl I know
Sex for you comes when,
lying naked on your soft
leather couch in front of the
lonely gardener
Sex for me comes when,
touching her gently while
whispering voluptuous words
in soft form,
Sex for you comes when,
ever you desire
Sex for me comes when,
ever you desire

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Biographical sketch: Dad was a military man so I was shipped
throughout the country lived in South Carolina, Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Arizona and Nevada, currently in Arizona myself. All these places have created many interesting moments, people, travels, etc., that I've been through. Now I go to Arizona State for music and film production.

Ciphon Tha Rhyma recommends:

Get it at amazon.com! Lonesome Traveler by Jack Kerouac
Reason: The author of this book I can extremely relate to as far as
his experiences, feelings, optimism and styles.

Recommendations for writers:

When writing I don't listen to normal rules, I write straight from what comes
through my head and the way my heart interprets it, not how I think people would
want to hear it. In other words write straight from yourself and not what you
think will win you a fashion award, but I can't tell you exactly how to write
because I don't live inside of you.


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