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Poems by Cindy Ellingwood

It's About

Since it began
It's been lost and found.
It flies when I'm having fun.

It's been spent and saved,
And it's on my hands.
There is never enough to get things done.

Where does it go
When it's running out,
And the sands have all been wasted?

I need some off!
I need some out!
I should know, it's never lasted.

It's precious.
And it's money.
But stealing's not a crime.

I'm in the nick,
But have none to spare.
There's never enough--Time!

"Old News"

What and oxymoron
To be "wicked good."
The term implies the opposite,
Of what you think it should.

One should always take the "extra time."
To check things out before,
They call the glass "half empty."
They may find that "less is more."

And it's not so fun to finish.
When they call you "second best."
You are "hopelessly optimistic"
That you're better than the rest.

So now I'm sure, You're "clearly confused," by this inference.
It doesn't matter how it's said.
It's all the "same difference."

More than Grass

It's a common misconception,
And this is what I mean.
"That when you jump the fence
You'll find the grass is always green!"

Oh no it's not! And might I add,
You really need to know.
That once you've made the trip across.
It might as well be snow.

Take a look in your own backyard.
Take stock in what is there.
Your pride, your joy, your self-esteem.
These are better kept with care!

And always know that just beyond
The fences that you pass.
Is some other misdirected soul,
Who's looking at...your grass!

Yeah It Does

If life never sucked
Would we appreciate it when,
We didn't have and ache or pain,
Or hunger, well what then???

If we always were so happy
And were never ever blue,
We wouldn't even know we were
With nothing to compare it too!!!

So let us take the bad with good
And learn our lessons kid!!!
Life sucks on days like this for sure,
But tomorrow we'll know it did!!!

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Biographical sketch: Nurse, wife, mother, friend

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Falling Up by Shell Silverstein
Reason: collection of poem. Unusual look at life.

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write what you feel not making it up.


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