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Poems by Charles Latham


When love comes, let it wash
me like the dancing tide and
when peace comes, let it crash down like a waterfall
When luck comes let it drip down upon me
and when she comes let her soak me to the bone

When pain comes, let it fall like rain (so that I may see the beauty there
and when jealousy comes let it dry up and be forgotten.
When the end comes we shall ride it like a wave, but meanwhile I'll wait for
her, floating on my back.

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Biographical sketch: I'm a guitar-playing, long haired bare foot hippie in the truest sense, decended directly from one of the first tribes of hippies in the DC area.

Charles Latham recommends:

Get it at amazon.com! Honey and Salt by Carl Sandburg
Reason: He manages to capture and portray some of the most beautiful and poignant moments of life in a truly original manner, which is indeed quite a feat.

Recommendations for writers:

Truth to the self, of course, is the most important thing. The words must come from some place deep inside, and they must feel right and flowing, never forced. It is indeed important to have influences, but only as a springboard for one's own true voice. Finally, despite what some of the more pessimistic
critics of our time believe, writing about love is still valid poetry, because love will always be the most beautiful thing about life.


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