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Poems by chameleon777

what are the words from a lonely soul
masquerading the defense in a self-control
what is a heart that wants not to be broken
and what of the thoughts that will never be spoken

what do i feel when i'm thinking of you
what to decide when knowing not what to do
to be right within reach, but so far away
thinking of words, that to you i would say

but what if the words were never enough
to express the desire and the flames that engulf
and, oh, how my heart, how it's filled up by you
and how would it be said, to let you know it was true

wonders within wonders inside a thinking man's mind
running round circles knowing not what to find
all of the words within words, thoughts within me
all of the time wondering, waiting to see what i see

what are the words from a lonely soul
but dieing embers within flames of a forgotten role
passing by time with the blink of an eye
all of the thoughts of a wandering why

what we are is not meant to know
these things we think we understand
and so it seems the more we see
farther are we from each other's hand

for, you see, intelligence is like
singing to the deafened ear
knowing how much we know we know
realizing it will never hear

what our problem is, as humans, is
continuing the song without mind
blinding our soul with a simple goal
hoping to see what we're hoping to find

i know that you cannot hear me
but my heart still sings true
a thought that someday will see
the love between me and you

that faces fact with fiction
define me how
a seeming now
sees no burden
this life is pale
deception dream
what do you mean
my father's child
feels further away
so, what is this reality
in what you see
a perfect little chaos
to be stronger
was a story told to a child's
what you've been told
time has a hold on you
into your soul
what was the truth
and you shall receive
why do they laugh
in something
to nothing
and i gave it away
trusting reality
belief in sanity
an errant falsity
and how now i see
life's how it has to be
a blanket hypocrisy
and it's slipping away
so, what should i do
when every thought is of you
be with me
and see my soul
i'll wait here forever
such a nice little shelf
of lost memories
where did they go
how were they to know
how much we would show
how seemingly sound
while watching the ground
rushing me
a target
for detruction
of decadence
the wall i
bang my head against
so, this is the me
that you hoped not to see
speaks to me
tells me the future
tells me the past
why it couldn't last
does the

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Biographical sketch: male, 25, poet, dyslectic, gay. labels are for the narrow-minded

chameleon777 recommends:

The Black Unicorn by Audre Lorde

Reason: You would really need to read it for yourself to understand what makes it extraordinary. I've found that for different people it has been different and almost all types of people have found it to be exactly that.

Recommendations for writers:

The only think that has ever hindered my work is forcing it out. Sometimes to get the best flow is to let it flow by itself. Another thing that was pointed out to me a long time ago was the fact the I would write about too many different things in the same poem. Although I understood the poem, no one else could unless I explained it. I learned that if you keep in your mind a single idea and not let the idea stray, you can accomplish much more. The greatest thing we have as poets is our use of expression. Language is not the most efficient way to communicate, it is our job to change that.


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