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Poems by C G Labb

she took the bottle
from my lips,
handed me a bullet
and said,
"this will be more effective"

I had to agree,
systematic self-destruction
is overrated

i placed the slug
against my temple
and pushed the cartridge
with my thumb

it left a bruise,
not much more

she smiled at the effort,
went into the other room
and came back with a revolver
"i think they work better together"
she was right,
as usual

i put the single bullet
in the chamber,
spun it
and cocked the hammer

she crossed her legs
in front of me
and took a short drag
from her cigarette

the barrel rest pinpoint
to the bruise on my temple
and the hammer fell

"we'll try again tomorrow, baby,"
she said
and handed the bottle
back to me

the oxygen thief awoke
before dawn,
he turned his cigarette on
he stole a beer
from the ancient machine
and walked,
then rested
the smell of death
greased my hair and face

i wished
quick, shallow breaths
for him
i thought,
`if i could stop that heart,
the couch he lived on would thank me

he died two weeks later-
i've never been worthy
of an opinion

i made a run for diapers
and essentials,
stood in line
and finally met the cashier

i said in passing,
"nice glasses, they look good
on you"
she looked like
i wanted to fuck her
through the counter,
baby in hand

i hit another local stop
and held the door
for a guy on his way out
he silently passed
as if this should happen
to him daily

on my way home
i waved a man
through a four-way stop
he slashed his arm
left to right
while talking on the cell
from his lux-auto

i should've never left
the fucking house

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Biographical sketch: long time poet, publised many times and like long beers and short walks

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Reason: the man was bi-polar and gave his life for writing

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