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Poems by Caroline

My Precious Dream

Your hands were so cold
Your voice suprisingly calm
Your laugh naturally bold
With the soft grip of your palm
We walk along the river
It seems to never end
I soon start to shiver
From the coldness that you send
We both don't say a thing
Words are just too loud
I can hear angels sing
From up above the clouds
We sit on the soft ground
Looking up at the bright stars
I can't even hear a sound
From near or from by far
I rest my head upon your shoulder
This moment I'll always keep
As the night starts to get colder
We close our eyes to sleep
And as I gradually awake
You are sadly no longer there
I soon start to shake
How much of this can I bear?
How many tears will I shed
To have you close and near?
I know you are now dead
But God, I still need you here

Unspoken Words

Words that are unspoken
Are the loudest of them all
They grow deep inside you
'Til your soul starts to fall
Those cold, unspoken words
That I just can not say
Grow cold and far within me
Every long, continuous day
The tears that I don't shed
Are locked beneath my eyes
I can't let anyone see
The pain that lives inside
So everyday it builds
Into something much, much worse
And everyday I hide
This burden called a curse
All those unspoken words
And all my uncried tears
Are trapped inside forever
Until I face my fears

When An Angel Cries

Have you ever heard an angel cry
Did you ever have to say good-bye
To someone you've lost along the way
Or maybe it's just to hard to say

Do you wish that you could have more time
To spend with the love one who's on your mind
Even though that one is gone
Can you manage to hear an angel's song

Up above in the clouds so high
Can't you see that angel cry
It's trying to show you that life goes on
And heaven is where your love one belongs

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle little star
Tell me what you really are
I wished upon you everynight
Hoping that you'd shine some light
After the day that he had died
I look up at you and start to cry
How I wonder what you are
Hurting me from up so far
Up above the world so high
I always sit and wonder why
When God took him away from me
I know you sat there and could see
Like a diamond in the sky
I hope up there you can see me cry
Sitting up there so very far
Twinkle, twinkle little star

Death's Candle

Lit like a candle
It started out small
The wind made it bigger
And life had to fall
Candle became torch
And life became hell
Each long, passing day
I wanted to yell
And as the wax drips
My tears start to fall
Each day gets worse and worse
My life is just so small
Life is not worth living
I definately have no doubt
So let the wind blow harder
And let the wick die out

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Biographical sketch: My name is Caroline and I am 15. I write poetry to get my mind off things and most importantly, to express myself.

Caroline recommends:

Get it at amazon.com! The Best Loved Poems of the American People by Hazel Felleman
Reason: It's a great book with many different poems from interesting

Recommendations for writers:

The most important thing is to just write down exactly what your feeling whether it's happy, sad, etc.

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