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Poems by Carl Hardwick

She is a fleeting,flowery,
fallen angel earthward bound,
Who saw her feathers flapping,
clapping thunder as she tumbled down?
Sweet, but powerful, hard, but softened by the blow of earthly journeys,
Comes this angel foretold of
Falling, falling into the grass,
Like a little lamb with nowhere to go.
She is sweet, I know her well,
But I will never stain her brow.

Two things I know so very well,
Are hidden deep within my soul;
I'm not the type to kiss and tell,
Or give the others my control.
I know to love is sweet divine,
To help another who struggles is kind;
But I don't always do my best,
And sometimes fail this earthly test.
Forgive me Lord, I know not why,
That sometimes in the darkest night,
I have to sit and silently cry.

This fairy child, this purest creature,
Comes from heaven to our homes;
She's slight, singular, light as a feather,
And floats on air like a leaf
gone mad;
I see her in my garden
In the evenings on those
cool, fall nights,
Dancing to her heavenly melody,
Coming to my sweetest delight;
Good Lord, that fairy is such a sight!

I stretched my arms to heaven bound,
Crying for my soul to be found,
Hoping that my slate be cleaned,
All my sins forever gleaned;
Removed like they could never have been,
Amongst all of these silly men;
Heaven-hoped and not denied,
Time to laugh, no longer cry.

Sweet angel come to my head tonight,
Help me sleep in soft delight;
Hurl those tiring thoughts that wither,
See them scatter there and hither;
Angel comes and sing me songs,
Of how we all will someday belong.

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Biographical sketch: A man with long legs and a big head. Rather unorganized and flies by the seat of
his pants.

Carl Hardwick recommends:

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Reason: It is a very sensual exploration into oneself and the world around them. Emotion
from his raw heart.

Recommendations for writers:

Write some experience and don't be afraid to set yourself free. Know the technical aspects of poetry, whether you use them or not.


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