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Poems by Carl Edward Mutschler IV

Head Chatter

So you've come to me again, your conscience.
Can't you ever figure it out on your own?
I've always got the answer, right?

Maybe you should try.

Ok, well, maybe I'll turn right or maybe I've passed it?
Or maybe the past is forward and the future is now?
What if right now was then?

Shut up! Forget it!

Just turn right at the stop sign.

Universal Brain Damage

Absolutely destroyed by the whimper of a dying weed.
All aboard! Please call the cats in and drown them in ecstacy.
Red and purple suns will dance with yellow and blue moons which makes a green universe with just a swirl of
Now subtract a galaxy
Add a man
And it equals a phone call to pick uo your mind at the lost and found before 13 o'clock.
Make sure you're in the right dimension or you're going to be too early.
Which brings us back to the upper left of things.
Don't analyze this fantastical fantasize.
Please be kind and rewind to forget you never, ever, exsisted.

The beginning.

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Biographical sketch: I'm a 21 year old poet from NJ. I've been writing for years and have some
publishment and some award winning poems.

Recommendations for writers:

Let your mind leave your body, cross your eyes, and write the thoughts you wouldnt think.



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