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Poems by bruce gray

"that girl"

that girl,
the one that makes my heart glisten
that girl,
the one who i wish i was kissin

that girl,
she has a heart of gold,
that girl,
she warms my heart when it is cold.

that girl,
her eyes sparkle so bright,
that girl,
when im with her im as high as a kite.

that girl,
she's perfect in every way,
that girl,
maybe she'll be mine one day.

by: bruce gray

"how do i?"

how do i express how i feel?
is this feeling even real?
does she feel the same?
or is it just my heart to blame?

how do i know if this is true love?
did it come from below or maybe above?
why do i question my heart with these things?
is it because i want more than a fling?

how do i treat her right?
should i ask her out some night?
what if she says no-way?
but maybe she will one day!

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Biographical sketch: 16,student, just beginning, i enjoy racing stock cars and writing

bruce gray recommends:

"the raven" by edgar allan poe
Reason: just shows how crazy we can make ourselves.

Recommendations for writers:

just be yourself, and if you like the poems you write, then it is a good poem. just be happy with yourself.


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