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Was a time when the magic that sparked us
Flamed to fireworks over our sky
Now I'm living with losing illusions that darked
Your heart proving more quick than my eye

I was waiting and sweating and dying
In my solo performance out there
When you suddenly popped in and the magic began
And you saved my weak act then and there

We were stars for a while, we were burning
We were always too stubborn to fall
But the light that we cast was far too bright to last
Now there's nothing but darkness at all

We got high, we got hurt, we got happy
As we juggled our hearts in our hands
Now the props are all torn and too tattered and worn
And I can't find my pieces again

Did I dream it was ever so perfect?
That I wasn't as good as I'd guessed?
Now I'm up in the light
Now I exit, stage right
Now I fade there - at best, second best

Was a time when the magic that spun us
Fostered fantasy tickets and shows
Seems the practice outlives the performance it gives
In reality, anything goes

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Biographical sketch: Like most of us, a non-essential worker drone, but an essential optimist

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Reason: Not poetry, in the classic sense, but poetry nonetheless

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