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Poems by Benjamin Keyser

"b is for blaspheme"


dust covered closed minds

peer through open windows

to see kneeling little girls

bowed heads and easter bonnets

while mother mary drinks of

sex and scotch through

lipstick stained straws.

tasting wine disguised as

grape juice

with decomposed lips

that still laugh at them all.

"upon leaving planet earth"

this thin fortress

crumbles to the ground

as touch brings silver

into golden pentical horizons

feel quick emotions

race through time and space

as parallel brains

forge new light

into a dark hidden reality

sharp honeycut whispers

sink through weary ears

children hold hands and dance

around a blazen campfire

that destroy's some and saves others

a new love

marks the heads of the hungry

encompassing them within shadows

as the fire surrounds them

hiding them from the cult-like moon,

they become

"waterfalls lie"

worlds torn apart
thoughts that sand moves
holding a moment
letting go without cause

enemies in love
real seems so fake
fear my only embrace
is it worth it

fooled with poison
forbidden fruit
time can touch me
I lose hope yearly

believe in what
rules to live by
I can see where others can't
closed minds can't get in

consume me
let me feel real again
for a moment
open new wounds

surround this broken vessel
heal what I can't
will you last forever
no, you can't

I write the saddest lines
erase my existence
let me sleep
never wake up again

"the circle"

your face of silhouettes

dance gracefully across my inner departures

moonlight on this soft embrace

never suspecting you to put me at risk

my heart locked away for years

you have opened it daily with your magic

forging me into a new creation

no longer just me, but me and you

hopeful I find you there

weaving your innocent web into my soul

follow you to your secret place

where you have hidden my heart for days now

gracefully, you overstep my boundries

leaving me gasping for air, but submission is your destiny

helpless, I commit to you all I have

no longer love, but unconditional love

in your hands I find my resting place

like a soft cloud for me to clinge to

your outstreached arms seem so holy and safe

mercifulessly, hands that have killed me

trusting to you all of my open wounded heart

I gave you everything, you couldn't give me anything

disappointed, stranded from your love

no longer me and you, but me

"it's so pathetic"

and why is it
that i can't sleep
with you
resting on my mind
as i
crawl under the covers
and think about
the girl
for whom i've
only known
twenty-four hours

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Biographical sketch: Hello, my name is Benjamin Keyser. I am a Psychology major at Marshall University. I enjoy writing, playing guitar, and making short indy films.

Benjamin Keyser recommends:

any work by e.e. cummings

Reason: e.e. cummings is amazing. I'm not really sure I understood poetry, before I encountered his work. He helped me find that poetry is much more than words and rhythmic patterns.

Recommendations for writers:

I think the most important thing to consider is what's going on inside you. Then convey that thought, emotion, or idea on paper. I sit in silence and close my eye's. That is how most of my poems are born.


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