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Poems by banafsheh

I don't say clearly
but demolish me
near the milky way !
Beside junks of sunset
like the days of telepathy
throughout holidays
demolish me !
like each time
when I cross a minefield

It is not the first time
that the rain,
and the fruit
in the simple sentences
are damaged.
I love you,
to the common border of winds!

When I am dejected
the valleys crash
and a brooch of the moon
repeats on my shirt.
Turn on the light!
While my lips are rosy
you will never grow old.
Turn on the light,
and mark for reading again!

Till you comb the sun
with the shoes of nostalgia
I'm awaiting for the running wind
behind the fruits.
Speak to me!
A stranger is hidden
in your melodies.
Speak to me!
and tell me at which side of this grotesque
the bulletproof vest
will lose its color?

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Biographical sketch: I have born in 1954 in persia.
I'm poet and writer and researcher.

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100 love sonnets by Pablo Neruda
Reason: It's a book full of life and love .

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