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Poems by Babiebei


Jagged shards of misery
Sorrow's deadly clutch
Shattered bits of happiness
Cold as death to touch

Memories cloaked in midnight
Ancient piles of dust
Hollow pits of wild despair
Severed lines of trust

Brutal thoughts of terror
Hidden wells of fear
Ghostly cries of tattered souls
Blood red rain of tears

Liquid veils of darkness
Iron wall of bars
Crushing grip of violent night
Sprinkle heaven's stars

What are you listening too?

Broken hearts
And grieving eyes
This wild despair
We cage inside

Phantom steps
A haunting tale
Our conscience beats
This ivory jail

Silent streams
Of silver tears
Winding rivers
Built by fear

Darkness cloaks
Our evil mind
Hidden deep
With ties that bind

Deadly taunts
You don't belong
Quiet sobs
This broken song

Sorrow's tragic melody

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Biographical sketch: I am originally from New York. Any added info you'll have to get in person

Babiebei recommends:

Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein

Reason: It's unique, but not too hard that you can't relate to it. I like that.

Recommendations for writers:

Write what you feel, who cares if only you can understand it. That's what makes it yours.


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