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Poems by Arellano


Let us awake before the moon will fade:
Before the dawn will choose to ring its bell,
Before the beast of summer forces shade
As the only shelter fit to hide from hell.
Let the vapors from our play emanate
Across the circles which serve as our realm;
To plains imaginations saturate
The ground at which may grow our sacred Elm.
And we may eat the leaves that fall as well
Like the secrets blithe spirits can tell;
Innocent as the gaze I cast on her.
Perfect as the melody playing for
Ten thousand years to infinities muse,
Flawless as the mighty sea hits the shore,
Yet proportioned are the levels that confuse.
Let us awake to the consequence of truth
And understanding of each others scheme:
And further more, the existence of youth.
Whether 'tis real or perhaps a broken dream.
If true: then empty your love into my arms
So I may hold the illuminate heart
Only to absorb, from friction that warms
The burning spheres that line the inner part.
Though I loose all sense of self inside the heat,
May I learn the noble word spoken by?
The fairest breath, which has made my pulse, beat
Within my chest, a pain when gone: - I cry.
For when upon thy face my tears will dress
A satin sheet, thrown for those who must
Remain in locks washed by the oceans' tress,
And between the break - our love flows from dust.


The black worm slides on the streets of despair
A product to complicate. I lay my hand upon
The slippery sweat of its hair
Which leaves my fingers white and wan.
And captivates in leagured care.

When so you walked forth, and my soul you broached
Proposed at a summit, when splendor in indecent
Nor contentment approached.
In so many days of recent:
My torpid soul you nailed and poached.

A simple-ness defying logic in minds
One may sit and render all but hope and simply die
Given way to light that blinds.
The lamps of wraith souls passing by;
Picking fruit, off trees, with pallid rinds.


I saw the leaves, and falling of Fall,
Pushed between two seasons among the young and the old.
These change uncomplicated but carefully lie
Between two old men old friends and old allies.
Whose laughter sweeps through that ravishes all.
But marked again; the passing of the cold.

Though conversations are spells of immortality.
We are affected by the solitary change
We are products of age and can't complain.
We are alone: "but the moon, the sun, and the sky."
Left giving thanks to these enemies of industry;
In their ploy of constructing our plight,
I step inside and beneath the fire burning bright.

On trekking through leaves cast about the ground:
Their semblance resides in passing symmetry,
And aguments are heard fought out aloud
Brushing snow covered branches in the canopy;
A disturbance in our thoughts about changes in life
Or tremors felt through our eyes running down the vein -
I tarry my desire; for Fall to fall back down again.

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Biographical sketch: I am a student at the University of North Texas, I am twenty-two years and I need not say anymore. If you like you can contact me with questions, if not then be on your way. Thank You!

Arellano recommends:

Immortal Poems of the English Language by edited by Oscar Williams

Reason: It is some of the best poetry for the least amount of money. If anyone is just getting started I highly recommend this as must have material.

Recommendations for writers:

No limitations, and don't focus on what people will think about your writting. Stay true to yourself, and always be very descriptive. A poet is an artist with words so paint away.


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