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Poems by Amy P. Elf


My core,
my red jungle,
is the savage land of need
and thrice as beyond me.

My core,
my essential being,
is not the substance of reason
and never as light.

My soul howls
like a dog
a fox
a harpy -
and my sharps
guide the tattoo of thoughts
My inner El-Dorado,
that tarnished city,
has been raped by the monkey,
the screaming bogey,
the knife of my times.

My core,
my red jungle,
tempered by steel.


cedar chapel trees
and the leaves burn upon you
cedar chapel trees
i have diamond eyes.
sharp cold wet and hard
they see what they're not supposed to
but cedar chapel trees
they let me,
oh they let me.
how many times must you come here Queen T
how many times must the blisters burn me,
how many fires are down here Queen T
when the chapel trees thrust no more their branches?

cedar chapel trees
they gave you all they could do
cedar chapel trees
i see they gave a sex.
tied up candy doll down in the forest bed
and cedar chapel trees
are letting me,
letting me.
how many times must you come to me Queen T
how many times must the genders blur me
how many fires must destroy you Queen T
before the chapel trees thrust no more your branches?

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Biographical sketch: I write poetry.I'm 21.My poetry is bizarre.I have been likened to a Muppet.That
is all

Amy P.Elf recommends:

Ariel by Sylvia Plath
Reason: This book encouraged me to start my own collection.Sylvia is a great inspiration to

Recommendations for writers:

Have guts.Don't be afraid to say what you mean. Keep it short, say as much as possible in as few words as you can.


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