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Poems by Amy Cobb


Gravity is the source of my depression
For it holds me down without consent
Like shackles on my feet
It keeps me from my dreams of flight


I've always been there for you
Will you be here to catch me if I jump?
I cant fall any further
I've always told you things were fine
Even when they weren't
You just say nothing
And the silence hurts my ears
The sight of you makes me cry
And everyday I'll kill myself a little more until I'll finally die


I want to hold on to you forever
I never want to leave
I don't want to be a feather
A slave to the breeze

Kafka Dreams

Sometimes I feel like Samsa
Sometimes like Joseph K.
I always feel like an outcast
Just like the Bohemian wolf-man you were
Just like your ever-suffering heroes
Repressed and isolated
Cold and alone
I am a hunger artist
I hunger for your symbolism
Sometimes I feel like Kafka


In winter the world is a blank page
The ground is white
The sky sunless and gray
Gradations of empty color
Layers of nothing one atop another
A season as empty as my soul

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Biographical sketch: I'm a student majoring in English.

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Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

Reason: The words flow perfectly without inhibition.

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